Why one should use a Topspy software for the self help?

Due to hectic life schedule you cannot be present every time and everywhere for your children. Once they grow up, there activities also elevate high. The things happening at home in front of you might not be the same when you are away from home. Putting camera around the house is not a big time solution. You also need a device or a cell phone tracker, which can give you the relevant details of the activities that children are executing each day. Mobile phones, tablets and laptop are some devices that are now becoming a vital part of the human’s life. People of all age group are depending upon this little device because of which almost every true information and activity log is available through them. The function of the topspy software is to drag the relevant and exact information of a Smartphone or the tablet and send it to your device whenever you want to know.


How it works?

The topspy application is easy to obtain. At the online market you can purchase the authentic software through the renowned developer website. Once purchased the application, you will get the application system to run on your device. The phone number or the suspect ID is registered with the software. The moment it is done, the SMS, cal logs and all the data shared on the suspect’s phone will start appearing on your dashboard of the software. This is pretty easy and no further professional know how is required.

Each day messages, internet activities, downloaded files and certainly all the database is shared with you for re-check. You can use in different fields such as- in office for employees and subordinates, brokers, maids, children or a spouse.

However, the suspect never comes to know that the device he or she is using is being shared by any other person. You can only view, could not change the data or fiddle with it at any point of time. The data storage for the application is directly affected by the memory availability of the device you possess.  Thus, whenever you are satisfied with the data that is collected each day by the topspy software you can easily delete it to make space for other notifications. The spy device gives report every hour or whenever you request to attain. The details appear in the form of notifications so that you can check instantly during the busy schedule.

The time has come when you can leave your kids freely at home with their internet operated devices and could keep an eye over their activities for their safe development. Besides hidden cameras give you the action evidences, the topspy gives you the all sort of communication details. Hence, there is no such call recording facility provided to the users, but only call log service is provided. The missed, received and dialed call list is visible at the dashboard with the right time and date. Now supervise your office work more conveniently and without dealing with tensions. Take a charge of the employee which you thought has been cheating upon you so far with the use of the high quality topspy software.