Who Are The Debt Collectors And Their Roles?

A debt collector commonly is a person or a company employer that keeps on collects debts owed to others, basically when those debts are past-due dates. A debt collector is a part of their business which includes collection agencies or lawyers who collect debts. The debt collector is also called as debt collection agent, debt Collector organization, or debt buyer. Every debt collector should send debtor as a written validation notice which described on notice that how much money that debtor owned within five days after they first contact debtor. This notice which is send by the debt collector also should include the name of the creditor to whom they owned the money and how to proceed if debtor did not think to own the money by a collector. According to the FDCPA rules debt collector should not abusive, unfair or deceptive practices at the time of the debt collection process and debt collector don’t have the permission to contact debtors as per time scheduled by a FDCPA, nor cannot they wrongly claim that will get arrested if debtor did not pay on time.


What Are The Things That Debt Collectors Should Not Do Or Say!

The Debt collectors should not harass or abuse debtor or any third person or party they contact during the process. They should not threats of violence or harm to the debtors. Publishing the list of names of debtor people who refuse or cannot able to pay their debts but they can give the information to the reporting head or organization. Debt collectors cannot call regularly by the phone to annoy or irritate someone. Debt collector should not lie during when they trying to collect a debt from debtors. They cannot wrongly claim that debtor have committed a crime for some reason in a process of collections. The debt collector should not represent the wrong amount that had been owned by debtor. They should not say that sell your property or precious products unless they get permission by the law to take the serious action or intend to do so. The debt collector cannot use a wrong company or organization name or send any documents that look like an official document from an organization or government debt collector office. And if a debt collector contact debtor by using postcard then these are unfair practices.