What’s your favourite feature of Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S8 the flagship of 2017 comes with the amazing specifications, and now the eyes are set for the Galaxy S9 features.

Interface and Functionality

The Galaxy S8 uses a new user interface that is based on the Samsung Grace interface, it appeared on the Galaxy S7 after the upgrade to Android Nougat. Users will immediately notice the change in the appearance of icons, which began to look very simple. You can run a list of applications with a gesture finger up or down anywhere on the home screen. It was removed the front Home button, so popular double-click on this button to start replaced with double-click on the power button the side of the camera application. Samsung is bringing a new champion to the League- more improved, having latest features, with much more entertainment and fun.  Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9 is going to hit the market next year with a new unique design- a stunning display, devoid of a physical home button, glossy body colors. The new Galaxy S9 will work on a higher android version-7.2 Nougat.


Digital Assistant Bixby on Galaxy S8 until the preform is likely in the future; it is now possible not disclosed fully. In the near future we will be able to press a special button on the side panel and to speak to the assistant without having to awaken to this smartphone. In the future, the assistant will be able to understand the context of the application and perform tasks associated with them, about the same as the developers promise other digital assistants. They are becoming every day more and more, many smartphone makers are willing to release its own digital assistant, and not be content with Google Assistant. Bixby-2.0, a higher version of Bixby, will exhibit in the Galaxy S9. The new AI version of S9 will be able to overcome severe faults found in Galaxy S8 mainly visual recognition.

Typing on the keyboard is comfortable on both smartphones- Galaxy S8 and S8+ clearly separated keys; text input is obtained quickly and accurately. The big advantage of a longer Galaxy S8 screen is that typing is still enough space to see other content, in addition to the keyboard. But another limitation exists here, longer screen means that it became more difficult to get a finger to the upper part and to open the notifications panel, but there is support for gestures on the fingerprint scanner. One gesture allows opening the notifications panel. The new upcoming successor, Galaxy S9, will have a screen size slightly smaller than Galaxy S8 which would enable the customer to hold and use the phone more comfortably. New Samsung Galaxy S9 will bring you the best facilities of the latest technologies for your crucial entertainment and for other usage.

Another important indicator is the rate of recharge. Both smartphones, Galaxy S8 and S8+, have a standard Samsung Fast Adaptive Charging, the new smartphone S8 is charging at the same time slowly old – 100 minutes vs. 88 minutes. Also, both support wireless charging a smartphone. The new upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 exhibit a powerful Exynos 9810 processor having 8 cores and two variants, one of which will be 18 cores Mali-G72 GPU and the other one will be 20 cores Mali-G71 GPU. S9 provides fastest adaptive charging among the three at the same rate.