What are the ways to earn bitcoins?

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The article will tell you how you can earn the cryptocurrencies

  • Accepting them as a means of payment – It is the easiest method to get bitcoins. With them, the integration of your small business is done at a faster rate and easily. It does not matter, whether you own an online business or brick and mortar store and whether you are selling goods or services. For this, you should have a digital wallet to make transactions.
  • Finishing some website tasks – there are numerous websites out there which provide you the opportunity to earn bitcoins. The concept is that you visit the site and just for looking at it you get a small number of Bitcoins. Although this is a legitimate idea, the return on time you invest is very low and the bitcoins you earn greatly depend on the time you spent.instagram giveaway
  • Mining – You can create new bitcoins through mining.¬†As you complete the mining, new transactions are added to the blockchain which is a public ledger and new blocks are searched by your computer system. Blocks are nothing but a file in which the most recent bitcoin transactions are recorded. You will receive some cryptocurrencies whenever a new block is found by your PC.
  • Internet giveaways – The easiest method ever to earn bitcoins is through instagram giveaway. It is a free giveaway which includes some rules and huge gifts. People with an Instagram account can participate, and the winners will receive some bitcoin.