Unique fibre blends adding values to garments that are never seen before!

Online shopping is on the rise globally, and it is interesting to see which are the sectors that have higher footfalls over the internet as compared to the others. The global economy has seen many ups and downs, and many commodities are identified as culprits whose lower consumption pulls down the economies. On the reverse side, there are also certain commodities that are affected the most when the global economy goes through a downward tide.


Readymade garments are one of those sectors that remain immune to any such high and low globally. It is interesting to see how the sector can handle the worst of times to remain as one of the topmost selling items even in the worst days of economy. Looking into online shopping too, it can be seen that garments remain consistent in the number of pieces sold annually or the revenue and profit earned. In most cases, the trend is constantly upward indicating a steady growth of the sector over e-commerce.

Subdividing the figures into sub sectors would reveal that ladies garments outdo men’s wear by miles in online buying. And among the men’s wear items, it is the casual wears that figure higher than the others.

Casual wears becoming hot in offices too!

Nowadays most of the offices have come out of the taboo that formal wear is must. Many of the MNCs, IT, design and fashion houses have allowed their employees to dress up in casual wears. Earlier, most of the offices believed in formal dressing all through the week while some only tried with one casual wear day a week, mostly on Saturdays. Researches that were extensive have revealed that allowing employees to wear casuals at work enhances the efficiency, as they feel more comfortable, convenient and at home with their dresses.

The changing trends have resulted in youngsters joining the industries as professionals to go for brands like Versace pas cher even for office wears. No more is the clothing budget of the year divided between casual and formal wears; people are going for casuals more and more.

Innovative designs that is irresistible!

Many of the online clothing stores have come up with newer and unique designs that are simply irresistible. The animal prints were popular since quite some time, but the new age fashion designers have given rise to even more varieties of designs like skull heads, floral mixes, enamel and digital printed glowing motifs and so on. Not only are these prints unique; they are also made using newer dyes and pigments to bring in the glowing effects or the shine!

The use of fibres has also added value to these t-shirts. Many brands like Versace pas cher have been using unique blends of more than one fibres in a fabric or garment. These impart distinct properties in these t-shirts and sweat shirts that are otherwise not available. The better quality of drape, or the wrinkle free property, or the anti-pilling, anti-shrinking and anti-soiling effects with an enhanced comfort in these garments are possible only due to use of such unique blends.