Some tips for moms with new born babies

baby and mom

Are you a new mom and looking for some advice? Being mother for the first time is not easy.  You need to take of yourself and your baby as well. Here are some tips for baby and mom from the experiences of real mothers.

new born babies

Do not hush

One does not have to be silent when the baby is sleeping. When the new borns are in the womb, they are used to the noise. Personally, when I came to the house, I washed the dishes, switched on the TV and the baby got used to the noise around. I am still able to vacuum the house when she sleeps as she is just 14 months old.

Soothe your baby

When your baby cries, I comfort her back in the form of a heart like a rhythm. Sometimes a baby tends to cry because of insecurity and if this does not work, you need to try the calming moves

Help your baby to latch

If one is having latch on issues, while breastfeeding your baby, then you can take the help of breast shields. This is an excellent piece of tip I picked up from my lactation consultant. I had to rely on this for an entire month before my baby could latch on to my nipple without them. For sure without that, I would not have been able to nurse my baby and mom health care is take care of the fullest.

Be prepped

When it is 3 weeks’ time, the days along with nights become predictable and this is that stage where you can focus on yourself in addition to your new born baby. You need to reduce the stress level and this can be done by preparing in advance for yourself as well as the baby. As soon as a session of feeding is over focus on the next one. During the day time take advantage of the sleep timings of the baby.

Your baby should be awake during feedings

The baby would eat slowly and I along with my husband used to massage the cheek of the baby which would stimulate her to eat faster. This trick has been adopted by our friends and they have found success as well. When babies eat well they tend to sleep for a longer period of time.

Bonding with dad

Make it a point that it is not a one-way traffic and your baby has sufficient amount of time with their dad. His voice and touch are different and when they bond well it gives you a well-deserved break. In addition to this, the baby gets used to someone other than you. The first few days can be hard, but ensure that the baby is properly feeding so that you are not needed for at least a couple of hours. If you are nearby, leave your baby in the company of her dad and focus on things which need your attention.

Crib comfort

When my son was 2 weeks old, he liked to sleep beside by side only. Each time I put him on a bed when he slept he would wake up. I took note of the fact that it was warmth which was attracting him and next time onwards started wrapping him up with a blanket.

Sleep trick

Our baby was too fussy and would not sleep. One day we decided to try the nose trick and it really started working wonders. What was surprising was that it worked each time.