Simple tips to get the adorable nail

Nail art has become crazy among the girls and the women. They are changing the color and the sparkling of their nail every week. And they are applying it according to the situations and the occasions of them. Some working girls are doing this as per the function and the theme of the celebration. This becomes a more trendy work in this few years. Also there are so many nail art saloon have been opened in the main city centers. Going to the nail salon and doing this would get you more expensive. Perhaps you may create your own styles and do it by yourself.

Some tips and the ideas to make nail art by yourself.

Use alternate colors

For getting eth simpler and dashing look in very less expense. It is better to apply the color each nail with different colors alternatively. Also you can split your nail in to two portions either vertically or horizontally or even the cross divides. And then apply the different colors to each portion in the one nail and vice versa. This is the simple type of the nail art which is being done in the entire nail art salon. And this looks dashing more trendy which can be suited to all type occasions.

nail art5

Use sparkling and glitters

The glitters are main elements that are applied in the super brand salons. Hence buy some cute and light colors glitters for you. And apply the glitters after applied the color for your nail. And then paste the sticker above it. This shows up the best and adorable nail to you. For the night parties you can choose the dark colors which definitely would add up the more attraction on you.

Buy stars and moons

This may seems to be crazier to tell. But it is available in the nail art salon. The stars and the moons are the more famous material that they are using to give you the best nail finishing. The star and the moon shape stickers are available in the market. This is very tiny in size and you should have more care to peal and stick in your nail. You can easily collect the nail art designs in many places. You can visit the simple internet browsing and it shows more artistic and designs for you. Do manicure before applying nail polishes to the alluring finishing look.