Rugby and understanding who is in the Scrum

In the game of Rugby Union, the whole team consists of fifteen players on the field during the duration of the game. Eight of these players are forwards and are collectively known as The Pack; they wear the numbers one to eight.  Their main objectives are to secure possession of the rugby ball from rucks and malls and to winset pieces which include scrums and lineouts.If you want to learn all about The Scrum why not watch Rugby Drill Videos at a site such as


   The Props wear the number one and number three on their jerseys they are called Tight Head and Loose Head props. These players make up two thirds of the front row. A famous England prop is Phil Vickery, who was part of the England side that won the rugby Wold Cup in Australia in 2003. His local Club was Gloucester and he then went on to become a British Lion.


  The Hooker has the number two shirt and is in between the two propswhen scrums take place. His job during the scrum is to hook the ball back into his side of the pack to gain possession, so histeam are able to go forward.  The other main job of a Hooker is to throw the ball into the lineouts. The New Zealand Hooker Sean Fitzpatrick isone of the best players of his era and played for New Zealand over Ninety times.

Second Row

  The second row consists of two players, they wear the numbers four and five,they are normally the tallest players in the team. During the scrums they are behind the front row and put their weight into pushing the scrum forward.  At the Line out they are two of the jumperswhose main responsibility is to catch the ball and make it available for their team to either attack or defend. Martin Johnson is a well-known Second Row, he played for Leicester, England and the British Lions and became the first Northern Hemisphere captain to win the world Cup.

Back Row

The Back row is made up of three players, two Flankers; these wear the numbers six and seven and a number eight.  The Flankers are the quickest pack players and they help keep the pack as a tight unit and when the ball goes into open play they are the first pack players to arrive.  Probably the best-known flanker is Richie Mccaw he captained the New Zealand rugby team over a hundred times and led them to win two World Cups.

The Number eight

The number Eight is at the back of the pack and controls the ball with his feet, he caneither pick up the ball or attack the opposition or the let the Scrum Half do this manoeuvre.The number eight can also be used in the lineouts to catch the ball.  Sergio Parisse is an Italian Number eight and widely recognised as one of the best number eights in the modern game