Quick Guide: The Pros and Cons of using Proxy Server

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It hides your I.P address

One of the best things in using a proxy server is that it can hide your true IP address and make the server controlling your target website unable to detect your real address. But there are also cases when servers at some institutions prevent people from accessing certain websites. When this happens, an Online proxy server might come in handy and enable you to visit the website you need.

free proxyFiltering requests

The same way you want to use a proxy to obtain access to a website, you can use it t restrict certain websites to people using your network. This is especially helpful in the company, they can get proxies which will stop your employees from accessing websites that can reduce their productivity or damage network.


Browsing the internet can be fun, but frequently browsing directly from your IP address makes tour security level rather low, which leaves you at risk of being attacked by hackers.


Identity or Data theft.

The cache memory of a proxy can remember your passwords and other sensitive information. Although, this might not pose as a treat because a proxy will block external servers from obtaining this data. However, if someone associated with the proxy you are using doesn’t do their job right, things can go in the wrong direction.


It may be true that there are tons of benefits in using a proxy server. However, you cannot reap all these benefits if the proxy is incompatible with your local network. It is important that you’re aware that both of these are separate systems with their respective configurations. In these instances, you will have two options- either configure them to match each other or get a proxy that fits your server. Make sure that you find a great ISP that will provide you with the best user-friendly proxies.

Just like the same way with other products, there are both upsides and downsides of using a proxy server. However, from everything mentioned above, it is easier to conclude that there are numerous benefits of using a proxy server, and they largely outweigh the disadvantages, especially in terms of value and long term benefits.