Points to consider when looking for shower heads

To relax and rejuvenate thereis nothing best than a shower.  There  are   so  many  ways  for  shower  but  the  major  factor  is  to  select  a  good  shower  head.   It   should    have    great design   and   have   right amount of waterpressure and right   spray   areas. The   design shouldbe according to one’s choice.

The best way lies in the functioning of its nozzles. In older days the nozzles were made of metal and hard plastic, both were prone to clogging through scale. To remove scale soaks the nozzle in the vinegar solution

Types of shower heads

There are mainly three types of best shower head

……Ceiling mounted

……Wall mounting


In these days people always prefer ceiling mounted one because its installation is very easy. Handheld showers are more flexible and can be rotate to all sides making it more comfortable to handle. In modern days rain showers are also in trend due to its large spray nozzles. In this technology era LED showers are also easily available witch have waterproof Bluetooth speaker.3bfacf57c06723cdc97874a6eab40d60

Main points witch should be consider while opting for a best shower head

There are so many choices in the selection of shower.  The first main feature is to see the patterns of spray and distribution of water. There are mainly six types of spray patterns.

Secondly to check is the water flow of the shower. The standard water flow rate in US is 2.5 GPM( Gallons Per Minutes). There are some shower whose water flow rate is less than the standard rate.

A personal feature which includes its finishing and its mounting ways has equal importance. Chrome finishing is also available. To add one extra feature one must go with the option of shower with chlorine filter. The main function of chlorine filter is to take out the excessive chlorine mixed

With water

There are different types of shower heads in the market. The best is to opt the KOHLER K-10282-AK-CP.This is the best for those who prefer heavy flow. In this air induction technique is used which mainly condensed the water by use of pressurized air. The pattern of the spray is geometrical thus it covers a large area and avoids wastage of water.

The other product of shower is SPEAKMAN S-2252 which has three features in one including full body spray, intense massage and drenching shower. The main highlight of this shower is that its head contains 6 jets with 8 spray nozzles. These nozzles are maintaining free as they have the capability of cleaning themselves. It is made up of solid brass.