Is cancer common during the course of pregnancy

Oncology pregnancy medicine is of the opinion that cancer during pregnancy is on the rarer side.  In fact a lot of research has been done on this subject. But more and more cancer prone women might become pregnant as the age cap of conception has increased. This is due to lifestyle changes in combination with a host of  advancement of medical science. As a lot of information is not available related to cancer during pregnancy undertaking a well informed decision would seem to be a bit difficult. Here a host of issues need to be considered as well.

The first thing that might strike you is that it could affect the treatment of the mother along with the wellbeing of the baby. There is some form of cancer treatments that is safe whereas the same cannot be said about the others. The cancer does not extend to the uterus, whereas in the case of others it could spread to the placenta. Recent advancements in medical science have ensured that the baby is delivered in a perfect manner during cancer. With oncology pregnancy medicine it is important to understand that a pregnant woman can give birth to a healthy baby.

How to figure out cancer during the course of pregnancy?

Symptoms in the form of fatigue, abdominal cramping, bloating are common during the course of pregnancy. You could relate these symptoms to a particular type of cancer as well. It is indeed important to discuss with your partner on what are the symptoms of cancer before it gets too typical. In certain cases pregnancy could detect cancer early than it would normally would. Say for example a routine pap test can detect cervical cancer during pregnancy. On the other hand an ultrasound can figure out ovarian cancer pretty early in pregnancy.

When it is detected the prime objective is to ascertain that it does not spread to the fetus. The radioactive elements in the form of x rays could be a cause of worry. But trust me there is nothing to panic when it is the case of pregnancy. Since most of these tests can detect cancer in a safe manner it is of immense help to a doctor.

The treatment during cancer

It has to be stated that the treatment of cancer works out to be very complex during pregnancy. The general notion is that this treatment is going to harm the mother along with the baby. In the earlier days, the doctors were of the opinion that it would be better to terminate pregnancy if cancer was detected.

When you are treated for cancer during the stage of pregnancy the doctor is going to examine the condition of the fetus along with the expected due date in understanding that the baby is growing in a normal pattern.

The medical term is going to work in deciding the best course of treatment for the mother along with the baby .In fact risks should be a bare minimum.