Importance of advertising in print media

Importance of advertising

It is important to choose an advertising company with experience in your sector, although due to the diversity of sectors in the market, it is impossible to have specialized agencies for all types of sectors, so a good advertising agency must be chameleonic and know how to study and interpret each sector independently, and achieve the specialization that your project requires.

What is advertising in print media?

Print advertising is a form of advertising used by the media for physical forms, such as magazines and newspapers, to reach consumers, companies and others. Advertisers also use digital media, such as banners, mobile advertising and advertising on social media, to reach the same recipients. The proliferation of digital media has led to a decrease in advertising expenses in traditional print media.


Advertisers can choose Assortlist Classifieds from a wide range of different types of newspapers, including local, regional or national titles published in daily, night, weekly or Sunday editions. Newspapers target different readers with a mix of content, often including sports, entertainment, business, fashion and politics, as well as local, national or global news. Advertisers can buy different sizes of advertising space, small classified ads with only text, to show ads that offer text, photographs, illustrations and graphics in sizes up to a full page or even a double page.

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Magazines offer advertisers extensive choices of readers and frequency. Consumer magazines cover a wide range of interests, including sports, hobbies, fashion, health, current affairs and local issues. Many business and commercial magazines provide coverage of specific industries, such as finance or electronics. Others cover topics between industries, such as communications or human resources, while others focus on specific areas of work, such as publications for executives, marketing professionals or engineers. The frequency is usually weekly, monthly or quarterly. As with newspapers, advertisers can have full-page ads classified ads in black and white or in color.

Billboards and posters

Advertising on billboards and posters offers advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers on the move. Placing posters in shopping malls, for example, helps advertisers reach consumers near the point of sale. Posters or billboards at train stations, airports or centers in capital cities have the potential to reach large groups of consumers. Advertisers can change messages on billboards and posters at a frequency of their choice.