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Florida Mobile Home Loans

We offer Florida mobile home loans for borrowers with limited budgets. We provide the best mobile home loan in Florida with low rates.

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We provide Florida mobile home loans for both new and used homes. We offer low fixed rates with free quotes. Mobile home loan in Florida is affordable for low to moderate-income purchasers. Consider the following before selecting the location of the mobile home:

  • If it is an independent land

  • Infrastructure of the community

  • If utility costs are included in the purchase price

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Consider the rates, terms and fees before obtaining Florida mobile home loans. Make sure to check the home size, appliance package, floor plan and other features in the Florida mobile home. Your down payment and interest rate will be higher if you have poor credit for mobile home loan in Florida. The following options help to purchase mobile home mortgage in Florida in case of bad credit:
  • Have a friend or relative co-sign the loan. The co-signer's good credit would offset any bad credit and make it easier for you to purchase a mobile home mortgage in Florida.

  • Have someone buy the mobile home under their name for you, but ensure that you make the monthly payments.

The financing options for Florida mobile homes include local banks, credit unions and lenders associated with dealerships. Interest rates on Florida mobile home loans depend on the credit rating and the kind of home being purchased. The two main options for financing Florida mobile home mortgages are:

  • Personal property loans: These loans are unsecured so the down payment requirement is higher.

  • Real estate mortgages: These loans are meant for homes that are permanent. These loans are comparable to loans for site-built homes.

Make sure to shop around for the best finance plan. Compare the floor plan design, cost and interior decor of various dealers. Ensure that the new Florida mobile home displays the label certifying code compliance. Understand the terms of the contract. Check if all aspects of the contract are clearly defined. In Florida, a mobile home must have a certificate of title as proof of ownership.

Florida mobile home mortgage programs vary according to the:

  • Size of the home

  • Age of the home

  • Down payment

Single-family mobile homes in Florida should be in compliance with the standards established by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Florida mobile homes should follow the standards set by HUD codes concerning:
  • Air conditioning

  • Plumbing

  • Heating

  • Thermal and electrical systems

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