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Family law is nothing but the legal practice area which mainly focuses on problems which are related to family relationships. For example, it can be child custody, divorce, adoption, etc. The attorneys who practice family law will come and represent the clients in the family court proceedings. Along with that they will also come for all the related negotiations. They even draft all the legal documents like court petitions and property agreements. The jacksonville family law firm is also specialized in paternity, adoption, and emancipation.

Here are few terms which you should know regarding family law:


This is a court process where a minor can become self-supporting. He assumes all the adult responsibility and he will not be under the care of his parents

Marital Property

This is the property which is acquired by the spouse during marriage which is now subject for division because of divorce


This is the allowance which is made to a spouse by other mainly for supporting after or during the divorce or legal separation


Decent or origin from the father

Prenuptial Agreement

This is an agreement which will be made between woman and man even before the marriage and this is related to their future rights on property mainly in the event of death or divorce

There are many family law firms available today which can assist you in case of issues. You can reach out to these professionals in case if you are considering the divorce or any other help related to custody issues. You can also take their help if you need any advice related to custody modifications or LBGT-related issues. These professionals will help you with all the issues related to family relationships.

jacksonville family law firmThe family law firm you choose should understand the situation you are going through and find the solution for that. They should poseexpertise and have complete experience, knowledge and all the required skills in providing the best outcome.

There are many reasons behind you hiring family lawyers. Most of the people think that family lawyers are meant for divorce. But they have very broad practice area. They also work on reproductive rights and foster care. Most important thing is you should always hire a trusted professional since family law matters can hit very close. So, make sure that your loved ones and well represented and properly protected in any kind of legal process. Child custody, child support, divorce, paternity, adoption, foster care, are some of the common reasons when family lawyers are hired.