Ease of washing the most highlighted advantage of a Black and Decker juicer!

If one is looking for a juicer, one obviously looks for certain specific features in it. The features should be such that makes the juicer easy to use, easy to wash and also durable. Often, one fails to find such a product that offers so many things in the same item. For those who fail to find out the right product, there is the Black and Decker juicer to consider.

Salient features

This juicer comes in with certain special characteristics that make it unique and different than the rest. For instance, it is so big that one processing is sufficient to feed two or three times. Amongst its different features are:-

  • Free pitcher of 300 ml.
  • Large sized fruit pulp collector of 28 ounce.
  • Energy saving motor of 400 watts.
  • Sturdy and durable body.
  • Warranty up to 2 years for all the body parts.
  • Easily washable body parts.Ease of washing the most highlighted advantage of a Black and Decker juicer!

Pros and Cons

The Black and Decker juicer is one of the in the industry. Most of its features are on the positive side. It has a large fruit pulp collector to adhere enough of the pulp that is often used later for consumption or as skin scrubber, etc. The fruit juice pitcher being of a larger size is also good for the users, since a one-time operation may help in having enough juice for a number of times to consume.

The best part however is the motor. It is strong, durable and also energy friendly, keeping the power bills under control. Even more importantly, it is durable for the long run and is covered for a warranty of 2 years.

The only disadvantage that the juicer comes with is again its huge size. The big size actually does not make it fit into a small kitchen, and a medium to large sized kitchen is required. The open kitchens with studio apartments are however good enough for the juicer.


The unique selling proposition for the Black and Decker juicer is its ease of removing dirt. After every use, the juicer needs to be washed so as to avoid the formation of bacteria, etc. In case of this juicer, the various parts are portable thereby making the juicer easy to wash. The different parts can be washed off pretty conveniently thereby making it easy to use whenever required, and not worrying about the time and effort that one generally has to put in for washing a juicer.