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Instagram is all set to offer more to its advertisers with offline mode

During the recently conducted Facebook’s F8 developer conference, an engineer working with the social networking site’s team shared some interesting details about how Instagram users would be able to use the photo sharing app in offline mode.

Soon, Facebook’s photo sharing app Instagram is set to join billion-user club

According to data released by Instagram, the app has already reached 700 million users mark. These are active users and not just accounts.

The company gives credit to app’s new sign-up process, changes in the way feed appears, and its campaigns to reach new people in various countries around the world.

App has successfully managed to attract more advertisers and it is performing better than Snapchat.  In fact, more and more companies are spending money to Buy active Instagram followers for their profile to get more responses for their posts.

New offline mode to keep people glued to their phone screens

Instagram has more than 700 million active accounts. Thus, brands have started heavily investing in Instagram marketing campaigns as well as ads. Now, Facebook is all set to make it even better for Android app users.

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During the session, executives highlighted the point that more than 80 percent of the photo-sharing app’s users are from developing countries where the internet connectivity is slow. In order to offer better user experience to users from such countries, Instagram’s owner, Facebook, is working on this so-called “offline mode.”

This feature would enable users to engage with the photo sharing app’s content even when their mobile internet network is not active.

Journalists who attended this event suggest that some users are already able to use this mode. For example, users are able to ‘like’ posts even when they are offline. The app automatically posts pending updates once the user’s device gets connected to the network.

The current version of the app is completely network-dependent. You need to be connected to the internet in order to do everything. Once the offline mode is available, users would not just be able to like photos, but they would also be able to visit profiles, comment on posts, follow or unfollow someone and enjoy more of cached feed content.

Social media experts believe that due to this mode, users from developing countries would spend more time with the application.

iOS users should not worry because developers are also working to introduce the offline mode for iOS apps.