All About Zombies – Why Are They So Popular In Movies?

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We know that zombies aren’t real, but why so many of us keep clicking that remote button when there’s a new zombie film on your movie list? Even before The Walking Dead or World War Z made a record-breaking rating worldwide at the box office, zombie films have always been on top of the horror/thriller genres of many movie-buffs. It can be a television series or a 2 to 3 hours movie, it doesn’t matter.

couchtuners movies

Zombie Movies – When It All Began!

The earliest films in the history of the horror genre were all about the ‘raising of the dead’ like the ‘Frankenstein’ movie or ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligarie.’ Some movie experts believe that the ‘somnambulism’ in these films were the earliest examples of the hypnotic and sleep-walking state that is similar to the zombies. The belief in zombies started with the Haitian ‘voudou.’ This is where the corpse is reanimated or magically controlled by a witch-like priest, magician, or sorcerer (Bokor). The bokor would kill the victim and bring it back to life to be his or her slave.

Its been more than a decade since the zombies began popping up in the mainstream of popular genres, but we can’t get enough of it. As long as it has zombies, were on it! But why? Here’s the answer to your question.

  • Romero’s Influence. George A Romero was the writer/director of the low-budget (black and white) film, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ in 1968. The zombies in the movie were sorcerers’ slaves but Romero brought them to contemporary America. There were undead rules and the zombies in his film were hungry for human flesh. From then on, zombies remained in the mainstream of culture and even up to this day, it is still one of the most sought after films of all time.
  • Zombies Are Beyond Human. Unlike other monster-movies where they feature vampires, werewolves, zombies are unique. They are not scary like the vampires of werewolves who are characterized by how powerful they are, but they are frightening because of how dark and dreadful it could be to become one. Zombies are considered the epitome of ‘contemporary fear.’

Zombie Movies Online

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Where to find photo booth?

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Quit Cable TV – Say Yes to Streaming

Internet is the most important part of modern life. It has occupied a big corner of modern life. Without internet world cannot function anymore. It has brought everything within one screen. Things are not just a finger tips away, they are just a touch away. This is what Internet has done for the modern generation. With time, internet has taken over everything. Your television set is no longer safe from the clutch of the internet either. Yes, the world is going through a rapid change. Now, everything, all your favorite television shows are available on internet.

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Fun ways to spend December in Australia

December is the time of the year that the whole world celebrates together. Most the people think of December to be filled with snow, but if you live in the southern hemisphere, things are a little different. Yes, the countries in the southern hemisphere experiences summer in December and it’s no big deal for the Australians. Some may think that the people in the southern hemisphere has no fun at all in the month of December but I’ve got to say, you are wrong and here are some reasons why

Spend the party times in the December

If you’re sick of spending the best days of the year in the freezing cold, you should visit the southern hemisphere. The beaches in Australia are the best at this time of the year and I’m pretty sure that you’ll be looking for christmas party venues melbourne? as soon as you finish reading this article because it’s the time for partying in Australia in that time of the year.Room-Decor-Gallery-Images-784x5261-467x243

Experience one of the best New Year celebrations in the world

Who doesn’t know the world famous opera house in Sydney? One has to be lucky to spend the new year’s eve in Australia to experience the breath taking light, water, air shows and don’t forget the beautiful patterns that are drawn in the sky from firework. It truly is a once in a life time experience.

Go for a scuba dive

If any of you are wondering, what the best place in the world for scuba diving is. It is definitely the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. If anyone wants to know when the best time for scuba diving is, many of the experts would say that it’s in December. In December, the temperature of the water rises and the water becomes more visible. If you think that you won’t be able to visit in December, you can still experience this beautiful creation of nature from November to February.

Dirt bike riding

For all the riders, Australia is that place you have being dreaming of to travel if you have being looking for the perfect place for dirt bike riding and four wheeling. You can choose if you’re going to ride in the thick mud or through a thick forest. Whatever decision you make, Australia is the ideal place if you are looking for a December filled with adventure and thrill. You should also tell your friends about this beautiful paradise and pack up for a fun filled trip to Australia in the coming December.


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