Blue Crates- Save Your Space

Blue crates offer you storage space

Blue crates offer you storage space. No more need for big boxes to store your stuff as there has been an evolution in storage that is brought by Blue Crates. Blue crates work unsophisticated just in 3 easy ways. They drop off the crates, you pack your stuff and then they will pick up. You can store anything and everything at blue crates, may it be your clothes, accessories, bikes etc. Blue crates will pick up on demand and will deliver on demand. Your work is made simple by blue crates.

Why go for Blue crates?

Affordable Price

As price decides the future of the business, it has been kept low. One crate stuff for $10 per month, one wardrobe for $15.50 per month, an oversized item for $10 per month, furniture for $45 per month. You will not get this price for such an amazing services at any other place. Here at blue crates we believe in providing quality services only which can truly solve your problems and worries. Trust our expertise and try our services you will get to know the quality by yourself.

Safe and Secure

Blue Crates storage space is safe and secure. It assures your goods are in safe hands.

Free Pick up and Free Delivery

Blue Crates picks up your stuff and delivers back to you for free, Only charges for the storage facility that too at a moderate price.

Blue crates

On-Demand Services

Every effort is for you, as it works on your demand. If you feel like storing your goods at blue crates, you can do it through your cell phone anytime you want. All the services are on demand and a click of a button away.

Saves Space

All your seasonal goods that are of no use now and the goods simply occupying the space are to be hand over to Blue Crates. It results in free space in your residence or office.


Through the reviews, it can be clearly seen that Blue Crates has been reviewed positively by thousands of its happy customers. This builds trustworthiness, one of the reasons behind the Blue Crates success.


It offers 3 packages, first is Closet Extender which includes 2 crates, 2 wardrobes for $51 per month, second, Utility package which includes 3 crates and 3 oversized for $60 per month, at last, Lifestyle package which consists of 3 crates, 2 wardrobes and 2 oversized for $80 per month.

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