Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints – Make Sure You Choose Only the Best Shoe

best running shoes for shin splints

There is nothing worse (annoying) than to experience shooting pain whenever you try to run. For the runners especially, one kind of pain that is very common is shin splints. Suppose you have never had it before, then shin splints are quite annoying pain that happen on your shin bones. It happens because of irritation and inflammation of your muscles next to shins. When they will happen during any kind of exercise, the shin splits are common in the runners because of repetitive movement and running force. However, when you are ready to go back in your running game, there’re many ways you can keep the shin splits on bay. The best method is to ensure you have chosen the right shoe.

Choosing the Best Running Shoes

When you think of shin splints and fact that they’re made by the repetitive impact, first instinct will be looking for the shoe with good cushion. But, although this appears like the common sense, all cushioning will actually have an opposite effect. That is because highly insulated & cushioned shoes take all pressure off your feet & the corresponding muscles when running.  When your leg and feet muscles get weak from using the shoes that can support them much, naturally they become susceptible to the injury when forced to handle its impact. Now, let us look at some of the best running shoes for shin splints and how it will help you run faster.

best running shoes for shin splints

Nike Free

Nike Frees are the best option when you are looking for the good amount of support, and want to know that your feet are really working. The shoe will allow you to feel the traction, so you will be able to master the correct stride.


VivoBarefoots are quite similar to Frees, and with the flexible and thin (sturdy) sole. They claim that the shoes are all “foot-shaped,” made by podiatrists, and well equipped with the puncture-resistant soles. This is one of the best running shoes for shin splints.

Vibram FiveFinger

Vibrams are the Nike Frees on even freer level. Most noticeable difference you will find between the Vibrams and Frees is Vibrams function like the toe sock, and with each five toe “fingers” set free from this shoe.