Areas where the fullerenes are used

In the recent days, the industries of science and technologies have raised its peak due to the fantastic innovations. Products and the things are invented day to day and they are now used in the different kinds of the applications for doing the various processes. In that way, fullerene is one of the latest products that come under the nano technology. Of course, it is used in the various applications and so anyone can buy fullerenes for their needs.

Fields that are using the fullerenes

In actual, the fullerenes are structured in the cage shape with the carbon molecules like C60, C70 and even C76. As well as, the fullerenes have the electrochemical and the physical features too. Therefore, it is used in different medical applications. Even though the fullerenes are looking like the diamond or the graphite, it is totally different from its properties. Apart from the medical things, it is also used in some other industries like as below.Areas where the fullerenes are used

  • Environmental industries
  • Diagnostics
  • IT devices
  • Energy industries
  • Pharmaceuticals

The fullerenes are now available in the different types and they are categorized through its structure. Some of these types are listed as follows.

  • Nanotubes or the cylindrical fullerenes – These kinds of the fullerenes are offered in the hollow shape. The main use of the carbon nanotube is in the electronic industry, paper batteries and even in the space technology.
  • Mega tubes – As the same suggests, the tubes are available in large size. As well as, the walls of the megatubes are created with the various different thicknesses. In most of the cases, these tubes are used in the transportation fields.
  • Nano onion – It is the form of the buckyball solid and it has the very special spherical particle to do the processes.
  • Polymers – It is a kind of macromolecules and it is connected by the covalent chemical bonds.

These are the various kinds of the fullerenes that are now used in the different kinds of the applications. You can buy fullerenes through the providers who are offering it. Of course, you can also explore some other things about the fullerenes by searching through the internet pages. Well, the internet site can provide you the vast range of the features about the fullerenes in the most exclusive manner. Therefore, it can be the right ever platform for exploring all these things in clear.