Are you bored of normal dinner night? How about an adventurous dinner?

Florida dinner theaters

It is like a routine where we opt to visit a place for dinner. The waiter will come and serve us that’s it. The night will over soon after ending your food.

But the idea of having an adventurous dinner can change food habit completely. Each dining car that is between the courses of the meal there is a comical murder mystery that is played in the aisles. It is the passenger that receives the clue sheet, pen to follow the scripted show. You are required to remember the clues in order to solve the mystery. The people at Florida dinner theaters will collect the clue sheets prior to the final resolution act.

Is the mystery murder dinner theme really adventurous?

It is quite a different and not really ordinary way of eating your dinner. You get to enjoy the clues and mystery that goes around while eating. This is one such way that can grant you all the adventure. The scenes created by the actors are really good. It requires your attention to carry out the final search for the murderer. The theatre brings you some unique experience. You can enjoy beverage service, five meal course and great conversations with your table mates.

Florida dinner theatersThe actors, in the end, will distribute the prize to the detective who solved the case accurately. In case of any ties, there will be a bonus question. Upon answering the same you can win the game.

In order to check for the price of the ticket, upcoming shows, information of dinning. Everything is mentioned on the site and you can follow the same. It is easy to place your booking before the show. The timing of the departure of murder mystery dinner is at 6:30 PM (different on Sundays and on certain holidays). This is a never-ending adventure and a must experience one. The food quality is super here. Hence, you can enjoy both the murder adventure as well as food at a single place. visit the site for booking and more information regarding murder mystery dinner.